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Saint-Cyr and the Parc du Perche

From La Mouchère you can walk to the Manoir de l’Angenardière (a magnificent Percheron manor house, private). On the way back you pass the Chapelle de Clémencé, the Manoir de la Rosière and the pretty village of St Cyr. See the website of the communauté des communes for this walk and many others covering ten neighbouring villages.

Le Prieuré de Sainte-Gauburge and its hamlet are well worth a visit. The ecclesiastical buildings date from the 11th and 13th centuries while l’Ecomusée du Perche , a museum of Percheron arts and crafts, is discreetly housed in a new building. The museum also puts on practical classes in local crafts (for example the care of fruit trees, percheron horses, beekeeping and honey making). Refreshments are also available.

The Manoir de Courboyer. This beautiful manor has become the centre of the Parc Naturel du Perche. Exhibitions, workshops, documentation, gift shop and a pleasant restaurant with good opening times. The Park has restored hundreds of paths, some reserved for walkers, others available for cyclists and horseriders.

La Voie Verte. You can reach one of the entry points of this new ‘green way’ by car and then discover on foot or bicycle the many villages which used to be served by the railway in the past.

From Chartres to the Mont Saint Michel. This marvelous long distance path passes in front of our gate. Whether you’re a pilgrim or not the walk cannot fail to ‘nourish’ you even if you confine yourself to just one of its sections. Stop off at La Mouchère to recharge your batteries, and we’ll talk about Canterbury and Compostela…
Or be the first to undertake a modern pilgrimage in the steps of Marcel Proust : from Illiers-Combray to Balbec, following the same path as far as La Mouchère but then striking northwards towards Cabourg. Alternatively, if you prefer ‘the Guermantes Way’, pay a visit to the château de Villebon.

At La Ferté-Vidame you can visit the grandiose ruins of the château which once belonged to the duc de Saint-Simon, as beautiful, with its lakes and forests, as Versailles but not besieged by tourists.

Three attractive towns in the Perche

Bellême A pretty town on its hill, with medieval ramparts, cobbled streets, fashionable shops, a picturesque market on Thursdays and an 18 hole golf course.

Nogent-le-Rotrou The Château St Jean : a fine view over the surrounding country side, interesting exhibitions ; the old quarter of le Paty, an aquatic centre, the Percheval Festival ; a spectacular open market on Saturdays. Don’t forget to visit les Chiens de Relais, a magnificent statue of two hunting dogs by Camille Gaté, in the public garden that bears his name.

Mortagne-au-Perche A town with a rich past, religious (exceptional cloisters), legal and administrative, reflected in many buildings from the 14th to 18th centries.

Three Regional Capitals

Chartres : one of Europe’s most beautiful cathedrals, but also an attractive old quarter; good restaurants, a dynamic pedestrian precinct; walks along the banks of the Eure. The médiathèque in the old Art Déco post office, auctions and viewings in the chapel, public spaces, festivals and son et lumière throughout the summer.

Le Mans

The capital of the Plantagenets ; the cathedral with its frescos of musical angels, the cobbled streets of the old city frequently used by film directors for their historical dramas, candle-lit restaurants, fashionable shops and a student atmosphere… Son et lumière throughout the summer.
But don’t forget the modern city and motor racing, the 24 hours and the Le Mans Classic.
At Parencé, the Boulerie-Jump is a superb show jumping centre, while there is the fine Papéa aquatic complex at Yvré-l’Evêque.

Alençon is a charming town with an unspoilt centre and some fine public buildings (halle aux toiles, halle au blé, the lace museum).
On the way visit the forest of Perseigne and climb its belvedere.


There are many festivals, concerts and other cultural events, particularly in the summer months. Here are a few addresses:

Le Réveillon Jazz Café, Réveillon
Le Carnet de Route, Alençon (a friendly jazz-bar) 8 Rue Marcel Palmier 61000 - 02 33 27 06 23
• Du côté de Bellême (bookshop), Bellême tel
Le Carré du Perche, Mortagne (concerts)
Le Jardin François, (concerts in a garden setting) Les Clos, Préaux-du-Perche
Le château de Blavou, St Denis sur Huisne
Le Château du Tertre, Serigny, Bellême tel. 02 33 73 18 30

Among annual festivals:
• Festival du Perche (August)
• Septembre musical de l’Orne
Abbaye de l’Epau, Le Mans



  • Monday : Mamers, La Ferté-Bernard
  • Thursday : Bellême, Alençon
  • Friday : La Ferté-Bernard (farmers’ market, all day)
  • Saturday : Nogent-Le Rotrou, Mortagne

Local Produce

  • Cheese & dairy products : La ferme du Val Primbert 06 88 36 73 21 - basprimbert@hotmail.fr
  • Bread & vegetables : GAEC du Champ Devant. Saint-Cyr la Rosière 02 33 73 76 17
  • Beef: from Charolais cattle raised in the meadows of St Cyr and sold at the farm in small 5 and 10 kilo packs. Ferme de La Jalaise
  • Honey
  • Locally distilled cider and calvados


  • Brocante de la Touche, La Ferme de la Touche, Nogent-le-Rotrou
  • Brocante de Brigitte, RN23, Petit Bellevue, 61260 Mâle 02 37 49 72 62 / 06 76 10 07 47
  • Village de Brocante du Val d’Huisne, RN 23 à Nogent Le Rotrou, direction Le Mans, 02 37 52 08 94 - 06 86 93 10 15
  • Brocante RN23 Lieu dit Le Chêne Vert - 61260 MALE 06 15 68 26 84
  • Antiquités-Brocante de Balines, RN12, 3 kms from Verneuil/Avre. 02 32 32 17 09
  • Consult the dates of local brocantes/car-boot-sales
  • Orne Encheres, 33, rue Demées, 61000 Alençon
  • Galerie de Chartres, 10, rue Claude Bernard 28003 Chartres Tel:0237882828
  • Eckle & Associés 4, rue Tochon 28400 Nogent-le-Rotrou Tél. :



Riding :
Percheron horses are the pride of the Perche: strong and imposing, usually black or grey
Trait nature
La maison du Percheron

Golf :
Golf de Bellême à 10 kms
Golf du Perche à 20 kms

Swimming pools and aquatic centres :
Le Mans

The 24h Le Mans, in their different forms for a variety of vehicles.
Le Haras national du Pin : numerous equestrian events at the national stud
Les Jeux équestres mondiaux, Basse-Normandie, 2014 : follow preparations for the world equestrian games


Restaurants in Le Perche often provide good value. Remember to book on Saturdays and check whether they are open on Sundays and Mondays.


  • Les Artistes, 8 Rue Cidrerie 61130 La Chapelle Souëf : 02 33 83 69 98
  • Le Relais St Germain, Préaux du Perche : 02 33 73 33 39
  • L’Angélus Gourmand , St Hilaire/Erre : 02 37 52 92 55 ...
  • Le Champ de Foire, 4 place Général Leclerc, Bellême 02 33 73 00 38
  • La Dinette Gourmande, Bellême
  • Le Café Saint-Pol, 22, Place Saint Pol, Nogent-le-Rotrou .
  • Auberge du Cheval blanc, Avezé 02 43 93 17 05
  • Café des amis, Boissy-Maugis

Specially recommended